Leadership and Management Essay

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This article is titled, Lessons in Leadership: Car dealer David Wilson learned by doing. It is about a car dealer by the name of David Wilson who is in the club of Horatio Alger Award winners. His rise from a farm in Traer, Iowa, to ownership of one of the largest auto groups in the United States exemplifies the 19th-century authors story of individuals overcoming adversity through perseverance and strong ethic values. Today this 65- year- old man is not just practicing but passing on and teaching his 2,000 employees lessons of leadership modeled by others to him over his work life. He talks about how you have to work to achieve the things you want in life and that they are not just handed to you. The article tells a story about …show more content…
Your boss can give you any lead job title that he wants, but you will not truly be named that position until you prove to your peers and yourself that your actions are what make you the right person for the leadership role. The only thing that this article lacks is a little more depth. I think I would have gone a little more in depth with explaining leadership instead of just telling the story of Wilson's life lessons.
In class we have talked about the four functions of management. They are; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. To be really successful in managing, whether it is a dealership or any other business, a combination of all the functions is necessary. A sales manager in a dealership has to be good communicator and be a good leader so that the sales people under them can follow by example. In the article the author hits on all four of these functions and briefly explains how Wilson has experienced all of these over his successful years. In class we have also kind of went into detail and discussed the definitions between leaders and managers. Wilson's favorite motto is “managers manage; leaders lead.” This motto relates back to a couple weeks ago in class when we were talking about how a lot of us have had managers that weren't very good leaders. Basically saying that not all managers are good leaders, as Wilson says, “actions, not titles, make leaders.”
I chose this article because it has school and work connections to me

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