Leadership And Management : The Success Of An Organization Essay

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Answer: Leadership and Management are critical to the success of an organization. Every company, every organization has a specific goal and the best way to achieve this goal is to have a good leadership and able management. Good leadership in Public administration is about good governance, collaboration with stakeholders outside of office, creating value for the public, and maximizing the potential presented by opportunities. Every organization would like to maximize the potential of its human capital and empower them to do better.
To achieve success and survive in a competitive environment, it is essential that those at the top should have leadership qualities and skills. A brief statement of some of these required attributes and skills are as follows:
Facilitator and problem solver: People with leadership qualities are enablers and facilitators. They facilitate and enable the smooth transaction of affairs which helps save resources that may be wasted due to differing opinions/priorities of various stakeholders. In this regard, we can give Bill Gibson’s example whose facilitation skills worked wonders in North Carolina. For example, in Whittier country, there was a dire need for proper sewerage. Bill Gibson acted as a facilitator to bring together all the stakeholders (the government, church, and tribe) and make them agree on solving the problem by agreeing to financially contribute to this social service. Even when the costs of the project escalated with passage of…

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