Leadership And Management : Nursing Management Essay

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Leadership and management is needed in all organization and nursing is no exception. Leader and managers make sure the staff have the resources and tools to provide safe and effective care. Although, nursing leadership and management is not the same. They both have different focuses. Leaders are focus on people, while managers focus on system and structure of an organization. Because Leadership and management each have different focuses, the processes remain equally important, however, the importance differs according to what is needed in certain situation (Huber 2). Therefore, nursing managers and leaders approach issues such as nurse-staff ratio dilemma by utilizing leadership theories, principles and skills based on their leadership role.
According to Diane Huber (2014) leadership and management are not identical ideas. (Huber 1). Nursing management involves making decision for the organization. One of the nurse manager 's main objectives is to establish a well-functioning hospital setting (Torrez). In order to accomplish this, theories in management are utilized to help make decision. However, there are many theories that managers can be utilize to address issue such as nurse-patient ratio. The System Theory is one theory that may apply. The input-throughput-output model illustrates this linear thinking portion of general systems theory (Huber 30). For example, managers would have to hire extra nurses and develop a tool to measure patient acuity which means spending…

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