Leadership and Ethical Decision Making Essays

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Leadership and Ethical Decision – Making

Richard Garner
Leadership and Ethical Decision – Making
Dr. Lisa Smart
January 14, 2013
Phase 1 Individual Project

Ethics are principles that are kept throughout one’s life so that he/she maintains a respectable level of honest value. Based on my moral outlook on life, my view of ethics may differ to that of many in this class. The reason for that is ethics partially depends on the individual feelings of a given situation. For example, some cultures believe that it’s unethical to have multiple partners, but in other cultures, you find that this is the norm. Morals and values are the framework to having and understanding ethics. Morals and values are the drivers
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Because Joe Smith is employed as a sales representative with UWEAR, he would be considered an internal stakeholder as well. His primary responsibilities would be create job security, satisfaction and motivation by making decisions based on detail information that would allow his company to experience profit growth. Lastly, Joe needs to stay clear of deceptive and coercive manipulation. Both are immoral and wrong and clearly violate the definition of leadership (Clawson, 2012). Bill Bateman in this scenario would be considered connected stakeholder. His position as a customer carry roles such as finding a quality product that would give them the greatest value for their money. He’s also responsible for acquiring the best customer service for his company.
Provide at least 4 ethical responsibilities for each stakeholder. In business, our history is how many will judge overall performance and remember what was/wasn’t done during our tenure (Robinson, 2010). In this scenario it is important to ensure our history and performance remain in high ethical standings. CEO Tom Tramlin’s ethical responsibilities include making a business decision that won’t alter, but hopefully build a better relationship between UWEAR and the Peninsula chain. He’s responsible for deciding if the counter offer is fair to all involved. He also has to decide if

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