Essay on Leadership and Coach Norman Dale

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There are several leadership styles represented in the film “Hoosiers.” This movie brings two different concepts called transactional leadership and transformational leadership. Transactional leadership styles are more concerned with maintaining the normal flow of operations, whereas a transformational leader goes beyond managing the daily tasks for leading their followers to success. Transactional leadership styles also include trying to establish direction, aligning people, they are dedicated to communication, creating teams, motivation and inspiration. A transformational leadership styles basically turn towards to creating the agenda and requests, they are dedicated to planning, policies and procedures. The leader’s job
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It was important to show team his point and teach the boys to listen and comply. In the beginning of the film Coach Norman Dale demonstrates the autocratic leadership style. In this part of the movie he leads with a firm hand, for example, when he kicked a player out of their first practice for not cooperating with him. Meanwhile, towards the end of the film he is seen using the democratic leadership style. He begins to not trust his leadership ability when the members of community are voting him out of the school. Also towards the end of the film he begins to display referent power when the uncooperative player punches an opposing player who was talking down to his coach.
The main followers in this film represent the actual players on the high school basketball team. The situation in the team is difficult for a number of reasons, but the main reason is the shortage of players. Consequently, the players on the team lacked self-confidence and that represents the major problem in the team functioning. For example, character named Ollie was forced to ditch his role as manager and to become a part of the team. When coach puts him on the court, Ollie is faced with the pressure of making free throws. He displays lazzies affaire leadership style because he’s unsure of his ability to make this shot and lead the team to

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