Yinscape And Yanngsearch Case Study

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Yinscape and Yanngsearch It has been 96 hours since the merger of Yinscape and Yanngsearch and I have just been appointed to my new position at the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yinscape. Within the next 48 hours, I will be meeting with my new staff that includes four members from each company prior to the merger. Each one of those managers represents a specific commodity that they managed prior to the merger. Those commodities include marketing, production, finance and research. At this meeting, we will discuss the past, future and present state of our organization.
Meet and greet The meeting will begin with a meet and great format since the individuals have never met. I will then pair each manager by commodities. For instance, the marketing managers will sit next to each other, the production managers will sit together, the finance personnel will sit together
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At this point of the meeting, I would inform them that we will have a meeting in three weeks to discuss the strategy that each of their departments will be initiating to help this business grow. Madu (n.d.) states “An organization 's strategy recognizes where the company is today, and should incorporate the actions necessary to move the company forward towards the realization of its vision” (p. 8). Furthermore, I would suggest to my managers that they should utilize two leadership techniques as we move forward in our endeavor to become the industrial leading organization. Those leadership techniques are the Leader-member exchange (LMX) theory and Adaptive leadership. “Leader-member exchange (LMX) theory makes the dyadic relationship between leaders and followers the focal point” (Northouse, 2015, p. 137). Moreover, “Adaptive leadership focuses on the adaptations required of people in response to changing environments” (Northouse, 2015, p. 256). These leadership techniques will lead to effective communication throughout the organization and ultimately generate a better product and more

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