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Leadership for the Twenty First Century

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Leadership for the Twenty First Century

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Leadership for the Twenty First Century


As we enter the 21st Century there is a serious question arising concerning our capacity

to deal with the challenges. Based on a review and synthesis across a range of literatures

covering management, organization, leadership, and learning and development, this paper

identifies some of the issues, challenges, and opportunities likely to characterize the leadership

of the 21st century. This new age will be increasingly
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Dissatisfied with the traits centered approach, scholars turned to behavioral theories of

leadership (Nye, 2008; Yukl, 2002). Behavioral theories, emphasizing interactions with

followers how leaders should behave were pervasive during the period spanning the 1940s to the

Leadership for the Twenty First Century

Focus began to shift to situational aspects of leadership in the 1960s, leadership behavior appropriate to context or contingent on the situation (Nye, 2008; Yukl, 2002). Fiedler’s (1967)

least preferred co-worker model, Hersey and Blanchard’s (1969) situational leadership theory,

and Wofford and Liska’s (1993) path-goal theory of leadership reflect this new approach. It was

thought that leadership style in interaction with followers and the situation can determine the

effectiveness of group performance, different leadership styles are most effective in different

types of situations (Ashour, 1973; Fiedler, 1983; Vecchio, 1977).
In situational leadership theory model (SLT), leaders vary their focus on task and

relationship behaviours to deal with different levels of follower readiness (ability and

willingness), Hersey and Blanchard (1969). Successful leadership can be achieved with the right

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