Leaders Are A Good Leader Essay

1144 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
1. Some people think leaders are born while others think leaders are made. Regardless, one thing is constant, leaders must never stop growing and learning. There is always room for improvement. By recognizing the need for continual growth, leaders strive to get better and can be examples that junior folks can mold themselves after. Several areas I need improvement in are in taking risks, seeking out challenging opportunities, and appealing to others to share a dream of the future.

2. I often tell my junior folks about examples to educate them on growing as a leader. I tell them there are good examples and bad examples of leaders. However, I’ll tell them that bad examples are good examples of what not to do. That’s one of the best learning points. We need to be able to see a bad example of leadership so we know what not to do. We can then contrast that with what we believe is a good leader, take their qualities, and develop our own leadership skills.

3. Two of my areas for improvement are fairly tied together. Takin risks and looking for opportunities to challenge myself are things that I need to improve upon. Too often I find myself staying within my comfort zone. I don’t get out and take risks, often preferring to take the safe way and roll with the direction things are flowing. One thing that I need to work on to grow here is being more vocal. If a policy or plan sounds right and seems to work, I tend to agree with them without giving much thought. Too…

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