Leaders And Rulers Of The General Opinion Essay

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However, it should be noted that taking care of the general opinion is different from taking the opinion of all. This implies that, leaders and rulers should make sure that each and every individual’s opinions are taken into account with regard to how the public resources are utilized in a society. This is because, the general opinion only represents the general will of the people but is not all inclusive of all the opinions of each and every member of the society. “There is often a great deal of difference between the will of all and the general will; the latter considers only the common interest, while the former takes private interest into account, and is no more than a sum of particular wills” (Rousseau, 1762). This therefore means that leaders need to trade carefully in their administrations to make sure that all the opinions of the public and their interests are heard out and considered in decision making. This is the only way to ensure that the social contract between the state and its people remains still and the nations remains peaceful and in tranquility. Failure to follow this will mean that only the interests of the general public will be taken care of and this can lead to build up of discontent among the minority which is dangerous due to the fact that rebellious groups to the powers that be can emanate from such situations.
Indeed sovereignty is unalienable and also indivisible. Sovereignty refers to a situation where a state exists with its own rules and…

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