Le Chatelier's Principle Laboratory Essay

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Experiment title: Le Chatelier’s Principle
Date conducted: 2/9/2012
Experiment purpose:  To determine the effect of a change on a system at equilibrium and to correlate the observed responses with Le Chatelier’s principle.
Experiment Chemical list:
Student Provided 1 Tap water
1 Toothpicks
1 Distilled water
1 Crushed ice
2 Coffee spoons
1 Rubber bands 2 Beaker, 50 mL, plastic
1 Magnifier, dual
1 Pencil, marking
1 Thermometer-in-cardboard-tube
1 Well-Plate-24
In the Experiment Bag: LeChatelier’s Principle
1 E.D.T.A., .15 M (Na2EDTA) - 2 mL in, Pipet
1 Hydrochloric Acid, 6 M - 2 mL in Pipet
1 Magnesium Chloride, 2 M - 3 mL in Pipet
1 Phenolphthalein Solution, 1% - 0.5 mL in Pipet
2 Pipet, Empty Short Stem
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7. Use the marker pencil to label an empty pipet “A4.” Then squeeze the pipet bulb, place it in well A4’s solution, and slowly release the bulb to carefully suck up all the mixture into the bulb.
8. You need to place the pipet bulb from Step 7 into the hot water bath, but it will tend to float. To avoid this securely attach the pipet stem to a spoon handle with a rubber band. Then place the pipet bulb in the water bath, with the spoon handle outside of the beaker so as to not obstruct your observations.
9. Make sure the water bath is as hot as possible. If the water bath is not very hot the expected color change may be difficult to see. Place the pipet bulb from step 8 into the hot water bath. Record the beginning temperature of the hot water bath. Temperature: 97 degrees Celsius
10.Repeat Steps 7 and 8 with a second pipet for the mixture from well A5. Place this pipet into the cold water bath.
11.Record the beginning temperature of the cold water bath. Beginning temperature; 100 degrees Celsius.
12.When you observe changes in the mixtures in the pipets record your observations and the water bath temperatures. Solution turns light pink
13.Compare the final solutions to that in well A2 Pipet A4 is light pink compared to Pipet A5 that is light wine red.
14.After about 10 minutes exchange the pipets in the baths. (Put the pipet from the cold water bath into the hot water bath and vice versa.) Switching pipet A4 to

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