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The introduction. What a strange paragraph, and probably one of the hardest paragraphs to write. There is so much going on in such a short amount of words, and yet it is one of the most important pieces to an essay (besides the conclusion). The writer must pull someone into the story. Almost literally wrapping the words around the reader 's mind, and letting the reader live through the writer 's own thoughts. I would love to say that I am a fantastic writer; however, my writing process is so ineffective that it really alters the outcome of my essays. MY WRITING PROCESS IS USUALLY TAKEN OVER BY LAZINESS, INDECISIVE DECISIONS, AND HORRIBLE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING.
Although, I am talking about laziness; I am not quite referring to the procrastination form of the word. Usually when I am given a topic to write about I just start writing. I might sit and think about where to start at first, but very rarely do I ever stop to make an outline
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Picking out an interesting sentence, and then erasing it. Picking out another sentence, and then erasing that one too. I have a hard time picking out what kind of sentence I would like to use. I over think the tone that a sentence might have, and read it over and over again. Which usually just leads to another rewrite and delete session. The constant indecisive decision making only draws out the time it take me to write an essay. For example, I started writing this essay at about 12:30 pm and it is now 3:10 pm. However, every now and then I get onto this “typing roll”. Usually it happens when I have gotten to the part of the essay that I have been looking forward to writing, or to the part that I had thought about writing in my head (or outline). Yet, as soon as I forget where my train of thought was heading I have to reread the passage as if the directions I took will remind me where I was

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