Laxmiram's Tale Of A School Teacher

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It is an inspiring tale of a school teacher who, despite unadorned odds, strained to make learning fun. It establishes, what a teacher could do when a chance is given and a little help. In the early 1920 's, Gijubhai could sense the futility of textbook. He wanted a first-hand practical experience to shape and form his ideas, so, approached the Education Officer and requested for a primary school class for his experiment. He manages to get a post in a primary school after having a conversation with the Educational Officer. The Educational Officer assigned a class of fourth-grade students for his experiment, ordered him to complete the experiment and teach the syllabus as well. He requested the Educational Officer to evaluate the class performance …show more content…
Laxmiram was introduced to the students and was made the academic advisor for the grade four class. Laxmiram prepared a list of activities that were supposed to be implemented in the class. First, a game of silence, examine the classroom 's cleanliness, followed by a chorus song and, some conversation with his pupils. He was abashed as the pupils imitated him instead of following him.
He felt his notes have turned out to be impracticable and concluded preparing notes at home is easier and figured that teaching could be a tough task. He let the students take a day off. They ran away home very happily, which consequently led to a small argument between the headmaster and Laxmiram. The headmaster criticized him for sending away the students without seeking his permission. But, Laxmiram explained that the students don’t like the style of
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He replied with a smart answer saying that students who were not ready to listen to him on the first day now listen to his stories very keenly with virtuous interest. He created a good bond with the students by telling the stories and need not shout in the class for keeping them silent. He wanted the students to buy story books, as they were interested in reading them, few read magazines. After earning respect from the students, he wanted to bring in discipline and cleanliness among the students, he checked if the nails were clean and cut, noticed the missing buttons on their shirts and requested them to remove the caps as they were dirty. He asked the children to get their nails cut and get the buttons stitched. The Headmaster asked him to focus on the education. He also met the Education Officer regarding the issues mentioned above. The Education officer warned him to look after the academic activities. Laxmiram wanted to know what would happen if students come to school without wearing caps. He wanted the children to buy books and add them to the school library. But he wanted the students to be clean and

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