Lawn Tennis Exercise

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Register to read the introduction… It is an essential activity prior to the game. First of all, general exercises should be performed and after that specific exercises for warm-up should be performed. For example, running forward and backward, running sideways, lunging, taking stance, stretching up exercises, wrist movements, rotation of arms, service practice as well as strokes etc.
B. Specific Exercises of Conditioning
The game of lawn tennis requires endurance, flexibility, strength and coordinates abilities. So, for the purpose of conditioning the following exercises should be included in the schedule of a lawn tennis player: 1. The lawn tennis player should perform light weight exercises during the preparatory period. In these exercises lunging with the light weight on the back, stretching up of legs with weight on the back, legs splitting with weight and stepping should be included in the schedule. 2. Stress should be laid on technical and tactical aspects of the game. Dummy actions of passing-shot forehand and backhand must be practiced. Smash should also be practiced. A lot of stress should be given on the service. It should also be practiced under extreme climatic
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3.4 Common Sports Injuries and their Prevention A. Common Sports Injuries
The various sports injuries, such as strain, sprain, dislocation of joints and abrasion may take place in the game of lawn tennis. Sometimes contusion and laceration may be possible. There may be various reasons for such type of injuries, such as lack of concentration power, lack of anticipation power, improper shoes and to keep on playing under fatigue etc. B. Prevention
These injuries can be prevented easily if proper stress on the following points is laid down: 1. The players of tennis should get warm-up properly before training and competition. 2. Conditioning should be done during the preparatory period because it improves the muscular power and flexibility of joints. 3. The players should be well aware about the scientific ways of training including the rules and regulations and their

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