Lawn Care Services Case Study

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The Lawn Care Services (NAICS Code 333112) is the industry of making powered lawn mowers, and lawn tractors as well as other lawn care equipment (Naics 2014). This equipment makes maintaining a lawn, or garden more convenient to the user. It makes the consumer do less work, as well as do it in a shorter amount of time. A few well-known brands are John Deer, Toro, Honda, and Kubota. All of these companies manufacture machines that make the lawn easier to maintain every single day that they make new products at competitive prices. These powered mowers that the industry produces consists of zero-turn riding lawn mowing tractors, regular riding lawn mowing tractors, accelerating lawn push lawn mowers, and of course regular push
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The E.P.A. has set even lower emissions standards for 2014 according to their site, they are trying to make the lawn mowers more eco-friendly. Even though there are electric alternatives to lawn mowing, the consumer is not willing to buy it as much because of the quality of the cutting that electric lawn mowers have compared to gas lawn mowers. These mowers must be safe and also have warning labels in case of injury. There are many safety regulations that make it hard for the lawn mowers to be automatic. An example of a regulation is that the blade has to be able to stop completely within 3 seconds or less if running at top speed according to the regulations of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety …show more content…
With new products, and inventions, this industry will maintain its superiority and stability as long as lawns and the need for lawn mowers exists. The industry is fairly easy to enter as long as the product that is being made is competitive with the existing mowers in the industry that are in the industry already. The competition in this industry is always changing and getting tougher as new inventions, and new products continue to be produced, but that is a competitive industry in business in a nut shell. The more versatile that a company is in terms of products, the better off that they will be in the industry. For example John Deere, does not just sell their famous riding lawn mower tractors, they also sell other products such as regular tractors, tractor attachments, golf carts, and many other powered machines. This versatility helps the company to have less vulnerability to one section of their business failing. Overall this industry is a good industry to consider for a business entrepenuership. If one wants to enter into this market, they can, however they just need to have a good idea, and they also need to be able to make their product look great to the home owners and professional lawns keepers who are interested in investing in this

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