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Law Opinion
January 19, 2014

The United States is not controlled by a king and Queen, but instead is governed by a president, senate, and the house of legislature. The United States is a democracy (Meyer & Grant, 2003). As a democracy the United States is governed by laws enacted by public officials. Citizens are the ones who vote for the public officials such as the President of the United States and the representatives of each state. Laws are created to protect individuals and their property, and are enforced in the United States throughout every community. The Bill of rights of the United States Constitution describes procedural laws that dictate how laws should be administered. The legislative branch of the
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Precedent allows a judge to decide on a present case by applying rules from a previous case within the same characteristics. However, precedent or stare decisis is not applicable to cases that provide compelling reasons for modifying or overturning prior decisions, in part or in full, that requires change because they are incongruent with fairness or justice (Meyer & Grant, 2003). Codification is another important concept regarding common law roots. Codification played an important role in the development of the legal systems in the United States. Codified laws originated from codes maintained by the government parallel to how the Anglo-Saxons recorded simple codes. Today in America legislatures gather together in an effort to create and enact new codes or statutes; the judiciary reviews and decides the soundness of laws and the executives enforce them (Meyer & Grant, 2003). Throughout the history of the United States courts system laws have changed. In the past laws were made to benefit a certain group of people now laws made to be fair to everyone. Now when a law is created it is not to show any bias to any person because of race, religion, sexual preference, etc. There are some laws that I do not agree that should be in effect which is marijuana being illegal, I believe that marijuana isn’t any more harmful than alcohol. If it is legalized it can help with people who are sick and they would be

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