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Owning a business is very rewarding, however, it comes with many challenges as well. There are many torts and laws a business owner should be aware of in order to make sure they are abiding by the laws set forth before them. The characters have found themselves in a wide variety of situations that must be dealt with and handled accordingly.
Emma and Will have been thinking about incorporating their business in a state other than where they are located. They could do this and it may save them money, especially if they incorporate into a state that is business-friendly. Emma and Will may be able to receive tax credits in certain states just for being located in. However, they must be aware of where their
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The second part of the test asked is if the interest served by the restriction on commercial speech substantial. It is. The board of education wants to protect young individuals from being exposed to something that they are not mature enough for. Yes, many young individuals are aware of same sex relationships, however, that is something not to be publicized in a school. So, we move on to the third part of the test. The third part of the test is asking if the regulation on the speech advances the government interest asserted. The harm of young children seeing this is substantial, real, and the restriction on the speech will alleviate those interests. The fourth part of the tests asked if the regulation is more extensive than necessary to serve that interest. The regulation is more extensive than necessary. It is understandable to pull the flyers and hide them from the eyes of young, immature individuals that you may find in a high school and middle school. However, college students are more mature and are exposed to ideas like this all the time. There are classes, as well as groups, concerning marriage equality and same-sex relationships in colleges. Flyers should not have to be pulled from there because the adults attending should have a bigger capacity and understanding of the issue. Instead of pulling all the flyers, less intrusive alternatives can be pursued. For example, leaving those flyers up in

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