Argumentative Essay On Law Enforcement

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Compared to most other countries, Americans enjoy an extremely high standard of living, due to the infrastructure put in place by their government. Part of that higher standard of living means feeling safe from harm in the communities they call home. This sense of safety is most often secured, either directly or indirectly, by local law enforcement. These men and women go out of their way to make “Home” a safe and comfortable environment. Despite this, in the past year, several cases of police brutality and controversial shootings by police officers have lowered the public’s view of the men and women who serve to protect them. People have begun to attack law enforcement, saying that they are corrupt and racist, often the officers being attacked are white males, and that law enforcement as a whole no longer serves the public’s best interests. This viewpoint is wrong, and society must remember that law enforcement is here to protect them, that it is wrong to take the mistakes of a few people and apply it to many, and that at the end of the day, law enforcement officers are just human and that they will make mistakes. …show more content…
Police officers serve to deter and punish such crime, often putting themselves at risk while doing so. This kind of work should be commended. Instead, people often see them as the people who go out of their way to make life difficult for them, giving ticket and imposing fines. But now, most mainstream news agencies no longer focus on the heroism of law enforcement, but instead choose to focus on their mistakes. Furthering a deeper resentment among the populace. Due to this, it is often easier to see police officers and what they have done wrong, as opposed to what they are doing right. One must remember that the actions of one individual should not reflect on a group of people who do good

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