Essay on Law, Consumer Protection And Competition Law

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AB Engineering Case Study

Law is a set of enforced rules and regulations that society must follow. It controls and governs our activities and if broken may result in some form of punishment.
The way in which all businesses can operate is controlled by legislation imposed by both UK and European Union courts and government. The main areas of legislation that affect a business are Employment Law, Consumer Protection and Competition Law. All businesses have a responsibility to ensure they are following all relevant rules and regulations, keeping up to date with any changes that may occur. When the Equality Act 2010 came into force, it replaced several previous pieces of legislation (such as Race Relations Act 1976, Disability Act 1995 & Sex Discrimination Act 1975) to ensure ‘consistency in what you need to do to make your workplace a fair environment and to comply with the law’ (ACAS, 2013). As a result of these changes a business or organization may need to review and amend some of their policies to avoid any breaches in law and its culpability.

The case study of AB Engineering indicated several areas where the company may be in breach of employments laws. The company is operating without a dedicated Human Resources (HR) department which although is not against the law may be detrimental to the way the company operates. An HR department deals with the issues of managing people within a business or organization and is responsible for suitable recruitment,…

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