Law And The Language Of Power Essay

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1. Law and the language of power: Compare the language used by Sophocles, in his Antigone, and in the Code of Hammurabi to describe law and authority.

King Hammurabi had used harsh retaliation liberal language in the code of Hammurabi. The reason why Hammurabi used the harsh language in the Code of Hammurabi has to come with the time period of Babylonian society. The ancient Babylon had a high agricultural productivity and it results in a superior ability of supporting population dependents. Interestingly, Babylon had an advantageous environment for agriculture but they couldn’t avoid natural disaster occasionally. These feelings of fear and awe created the religion inevitably. As long as they rely on the religion to pray for a great crop, the power of priest was unquestionable. With its religious power, a power in politics had appeared as well. Those power in both religion and politics created an absolute monarchy and it is the background of the appearance of Babylon Empire. Those politics power was involved in distributing the products and it made the gap between rich and poor. The ruling class had to make legislation in order to touch off dissidence from lower class. When they disobey the legal system, they was bound down by strict rules. Also, the code of Hammurabi took count of god’s authority. For instance, there is a statement that saying ‘If, while on the journey, an enemy take away from him anything that he had, the broker shall swear by God and be free of…

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