Law And Policy Paper : Stark Law

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Law and Policy Paper:
Stark Law
Many laws and policies that are passed into legislation focus on the ever-important topic of healthcare. From the Health Insurance and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly called the Affordable Care Act [ACA]) of today, healthcare is an issue that will forever be in the forefront of our societal concerns. However, the law I chose to discuss here is the Limitation on Certain Physician Referrals, more commonly known as the Stark Law. The Stark Law is of specific interest to me because it has had an extensive impact on specialist physicians, particularly orthopaedic surgeons as the law was unambiguously tailored to inhibit certain referrals by orthopaedic surgeons. Because Orthopaedic Surgery is one of my two potential professions (the other being Athletic Training), I believe that it is important for me to start learning about some of the laws, policies, and regulations that affect the occupation.
The Stark Law, as stated earlier, is a limitation on certain physician referrals (Wikipedia, 2008). More specifically, it is a law that “governs physician self-referral for Medicare and Medicaid patients” (, 2008). Essentially, the Stark Law prohibits physicians such as orthopaedic surgeons from referring their Medicare and Medicaid patients to “designated health services” (DHS) if said physician has any kind of financial relationship with that entity. As defined by Stark…

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