Law And Order In The Crucible Essay

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In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the themes of law and order have a large effect on the events of the witch trials. These ideas are shown through the actions of the authority figures present in Salem. Characters, such as Reverend Parris, Judge Danforth, and John Proctor, have differing beliefs about how the law should be applied throughout the duration of the trials. It is because of their differing beliefs on conserving pride, image, and upholding the Puritan ways that creates the internal conflicts presented in The Crucible. With this in mind, Miller sends a message regarding law and order through the different actions of characters who held authority in Salem. In The Crucible, one of the main authority figures is Reverend Parris. Parris …show more content…
Danforth is the judge that presides over all of the cases related to witchcraft accusations in Salem. He takes his job very seriously, and does not all for anything to “...interfere with an exact loyalty to his position and his cause” (Miller 3.134). For the duration of the trials, Danforth feels as though he is doing right by doing what he can in his position as a judge to rid Salem of the devil. He believes every accusation made by Abigail Williams and the other girls involved, which leads to him sentencing people to death unless they decided to both confess, and accuse other people in Salem of practicing witchcraft. When people start to die, Danforth realizes that he could have made a mistake in believing everything the girls said. However, he refuses to admit to it, and tries harder to get people to confess. He is even willing to visit those who he believes could be “...brought to God…[and he himself] strive with [them] till dawn” (Miller 4.321-323). Although he is trying to get people to confess, he still will not postpone their executions because of his unwavering loyalty to his position as a judge. Because of this, Miller is able to express how law and order is handled by different authority figures in The

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