Law And Order For Special Victims Unit ( Svu ) Essay

1102 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Law & Order is a television drama series that depicts the procedural practices of the legal system in the United States. Scholars have emphasized that the show falsifies images about policing styles and prosecution methods beyond mere recognition. Unfortunately, Law & Order and other similar legal drama shows has had a negative impact on the legal system in the United States because viewers believe the events that occur are factual. According to Neubauer and Fradella (2014), “Professors have to help students unlearn information that they have inaccurately learned from viewing television shows, such as Law & Order. This paper will examine how real the portrayal of events are in Law & Order using current laws and criminal procedures. For this assignment, I watched an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). This particular episode was very interesting and educational. It provided insight that the portal of the events in Law & Order is fictional representation and not based on real legal procedures practiced in the United States. This episode was about a three year old little boy named Bruno, who had wondered to a convenience store searching for food without being accompanied by a parent. The owner of the store became concerned about the wellbeing of the child and informed the local police department because he could not provide an answer concerning the whereabouts of his parents. Sargent Olivia Benson and Detective Nick Amaro, and Ordain Tutuola arrived to the…

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