Essay about Law and Ethics

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Major Laws Concerning Fraud and Abuse
Anna Afoakwa
Health Information- Law and Ethics (Summer Quarter)

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Healthcare ethical behavior is an important topic in health industry. Ethics or moral behavior is the ground on which humanity stands for a compatible existence. The word ‘ethics’ means different to different people and is based on moral, philosophic and religious principles of the society in which it is practiced. All problems of life have solutions, but all solutions are not based on moral principles. Principles alone do not lead to ethical decisions; decisions without principles are ethically empty. Below are the seven major laws concerning fraud and
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Mail and wire fraud statues: Mail fraud, stated simply, is defrauding another person or entity as a result of using a postal service. Mail fraud is almost always committed for the purpose of wrongful financial gain, and this crime can be committed against individuals, businesses, the government, and financial institutions. Mail fraud is a federal crime by nature, as using the postal service to advance a criminal attempt necessarily involves the federal government.
Civil money penalty law: A fine issued in civil court which penalizes a violator who profited from an illegal or unethical action. The penalty is typically equal to the gains made from the activity. For example, a broker who profited $1,000 from circular trading will be required to pay a fine of at least $1,000.
Deficit Reduction Act of 2005: provides States with much of the flexibility they have been seeking over the years to make significant reforms to their Medicaid Programs. States can expand access to affordable mainstream coverage, promote personal responsibility for health and accessing health care, and improve quality and coordination of care.
Qui tam actions: from Latin for “who as well”, a lawsuit brought by a private citizen (popularly called a "whistle blower") against a person or company who is believed to have violated the law in the performance of a contract with the

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