Law-Abiding Illegal Immigrants Do Not Need To Be Deported: Article Analysis

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In the article “Law-Abiding Illegal Immigrants Do Not Need to Be Deported,” which is located within Laws and Politics: Opposing viewpoints, journalist Keegan Hamilton argues that the government shouldn’t be as focused on the illegal men, women, and children which don’t harm this country, though instead the government should focus on the ones that are actual criminals. Hamilton says, “ The president can and has used prosecutorial discretion to release illegal immigrants detainees and to direct immigration agencies to defer deportation proceedings against certain classes of illegal immigrants, such as childhood arrivals.” This article analysis will interpret Hamilton’s aspects of releasing law-abiding illegal immigrants, these
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How would you feel, being a kid back then when you’re sent inside a plane middle of nowhere, and arrive at a whole new place you barely know? Then a few hours later, you realize that you’re surrounded by a bunch of police officers. In modern society, the way that illegal immigration is handled in America is a serious social injustice issue and it is our responsibility as citizens of United States to help put a stop to this unfair treatment of these Innocent people.

Anyone who can actually sit down and think about what they stand for and what they hope to stand for can easily side with Hamilton on the fact that these law-abiding illegal immigrants should not be detained and deported back to their native land. Hamilton believes that men and women with their children who are refugees or just simply trying to avoid their problems back in their country should not have a problem trying to make a life for themselves and their children. Some children are too young to realize what is happening and as they grow up do not have access to the resources and assets as regular citizens do. Why should they be held accountable for something that was innocent and out of their
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Anyone offered money at no risk and harm at all is likely to accept it, especially if it helps them or the people they care about. Roughly five billion dollars are used annually to hold and deport these immigrants, most which mean no harm at all to the United States. This vast amount of money could be used to educate our future leaders and give jobs to the jobless. Hamilton believes this is a waste of taxpayers hard earned money and apparently so does congress since they allegedly released 2,228 immigrants to cut back and save 3.2 billion dollars, which was considered a substantial amount even by capitol hill standards.

If law-abiding illegal immigrants are simply attempting to achieve a better life without harming anyone, who is to say that the government should stop them at the expanse of the taxpayers dollar, which in my opinion is unfair to both the illegal immigrants and the taxpayers.
The DREAM Act would provide an opportunity for young students to live up to their full potential and make greater contributions to the U.S. Economy. the DREAM Act would give beneficiaries access to greater educational opportunities and better jobs, which in turn means more taxable income.

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