Law 531: Typical State Court System Essay example

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Subject: Typical State Court System (Prazen vs Shoop)

A typical state court system is designed to hear and rule various legal disputes and consists of limited-jurisdiction trial court, general-jurisdiction trial court, intermediate appellate court, and a supreme court. Limited-jurisdiction trial court also referenced as inferior trial courts preside over small claims courts, municipal courts, and justice of the peace courts. General-jurisdiction trial court or courts of record require that all evidence and testimonies are recorded and saved for future review. Two divisions of court of records consist of criminal and civil courts and preside over major legal cases, such as felonies. Intermediate appellate courts, referred to as
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The verdict was reversed by the appellate court because the business and Prazen are legally separate entities. It was further noted that there were no clear provisions against contracting businesses owned by former employees. The supreme court concurred with the decision.

Resolution timeline for state court systems can run years with compiling legal expenses. For instance filing fees for civil court consists of civil filing, civil answer filing, small claims, small claims answer, divorce, and probate (NCSC, 2014). Settling a dispute before it makes it to trial avoids stress of court proceeding and increasing legal costs. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is designed to help both parties in reaching a resolution. Various methods of ADR are arbitration, mediation, mediation, mini-trial, fact-finding, judicial referee, E-courts and E-dispute resolution. Arbitration uses a neutral party to hear and make a decision on the dispute. Arbitration clauses included in contracts are enforced by the Federal Arbitration Act (Cheeseman, 2013). Meditation uses a mediator to give suggestions that help with making resolution. Mini-trials use lawyers of both sides to present a short trial version to a legal expert and show advantages and disadvantages rendering a decision (Cheeseman, 2013). Fact-finding uses a neutral party to investigate the issues. Judicial referee are used in private trials with court

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