Laughter Is The Best Medicine Essay

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Register to read the introduction… This medicine comes from an involuntary physical or emotional stimulation, such as a tickle or funny joke. This medicine comes in the form of choices. Do I want to be a half empty kind of person or do I want to be a half full kind of person. This medicine comes in the form of environment. Do I want to take life too seriously and reach my goals without enjoying the journey or laughing along the way or do I want to continue to grow by surrounding myself with positive people who know how to have fun and have a positive outcome? A good example of this is a simple story about golfing and a guy named Roy.

Roy, a
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Go ahead and give it a try. Pretend to cry. Automatically your body language changes, you draw your chin in and you bring your hands to your face or across your chest. Your body language is closing you off from those around you. Now pretend to laugh. Your head rises skyward, your mouth turns up and you look approachable and people want to be around you. It is actually hard to think negative, pessimistic thoughts when you are pretending to laugh. Happiness and optimism is contagious! I am selling the “half full” philosophy. I don’t take credit cards or cash and Half Full cannot be bartered for. Half Full is simply a state of mind and the willingness to pay it forward. Focus more on the positive things in your life, nation and world. Read Good News first thing in the morning instead of the obituaries. Think of a rainy day as a cleansing of the soul and a fresh start instead of something that creates mud and a dirty path. When you spill that $5.00 cup of coffee on your white shirt be thankful that you can afford to pay a barista to make your morning

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