Latino Culture Beyond A Classroom Setting Essay example

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Through participation in a service that directly impacts the Latino community, I learned about Latino culture beyond a classroom setting. I provided my service at the Latin American Festival in Longs Park, Lancaster, PA on October 10, 2015. There were several activities that the coordinator had the group of volunteers do, such as help with children’s activities, parking duty, stage crew, information booth, program distribution, and the workshops. The activities that I had to do were to direct the performers to their dressing rooms and make sure no one enters the room as the performers get ready. Since the dressing rooms were right next to the bathrooms, I had to direct the public as to which doors were for the bathrooms to avoid confusion. In addition, I also helped with parking duty which involved directing the flow of cars to the corresponding parking spots as certain areas were reserved for the volunteers, performers, and vendors. As the festival progressed, there were multiple people directing the flow of traffic as the parking spaces were filled. These services were provided for the Latin American Alliance who organized the event. In addition, my participation in this service activity was due to the involvement of the Society on Latino Affairs of Millersville University. For the remainder of the paper, I will be discussing how the service learning activity relates to the course objectives through class readings and other academic sources, as well as reflecting upon my…

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