Essay on Latin Literature And Its Influence On Society

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World history I
C. Michelle Brock
Research Paper Latin Literature From the golden age of Latin Literature have come some of the greatest books of all time. Most of which have not survived the passing of time. It took time, but by the Golden age, Latin was the way of writing for the great writers of the time. Though many know of Latin Literature, most do not know the powerful forces behind the switch to it and the strong influences it had on society. The adoption of Latin Literature gave Rome’s elite a sense of a higher culture. It also gave them a way in which those in power could control it. In all societies, those who control the literature control a part of its peoples world view. Latin literature appeared in the 3d century BC; its tradition has continued, in various forms, to this day. ” It took two centuries to become the main literature of Rome. Although Latin was mainly Roman, it was also was common in Europe so there are many works of Latin literature that come from places other than Rome. The golden age spans from 70 BC to AD 18. The start is marked by Cicero first recorded speech and the end by the death of Ovid. This period is widely regarded as the richest part of Latin literature. Cato Major (Cato the Elder) was known by several names such as Cato the Censor, Cato the Wise, and Cato the Ancient. Cato was a “Roman statesman, orator, and the first Latin prose writer of importance. He was noted for his conservative and…

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