Latin America Final Paper On Drugs

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Patrick Bessey
Global Issues Per.1
19 December 2016 Latin America Final Paper Drugs are becoming a big issue around the world but the bigger issue is the people that sell them. Over the last 10 years over 164,000 civilians have died due to the drug wars and over 250,000 total drug war related deaths. Last month alone in tucson there were 32 arrests in 12 locations due to drug trafficking from Mexico to the US, your neighbor could be part of one of the deadliest gropes in North America.Tucson metropolitan area is one one the most highly drug trafficked trafficked cities, all of the major drug cartels are including the Sinaloa and Los Zetas are traveling right through tucson.In the last 15 years crime rate in mexico has sky rocketed mostly due to drugs. Living so close to Mexico and having these dangerous cartels that could maybe be your neighbor and could kill and any moment is vary concerning and something that needs to be fixed, but how do we fix it? In the last 10 years drug activity has risen dramatically for many reasons. Some of the biggest reasons that has happened is, that there 's more money in drugs than ever before, and corruption in Mexico 's government. The price of marijuana per ounce is between $200 and $300, in 2006 one ounce of marijuana was worth $100-$150. One of the other reasons is that the police in mexico are getting paid so little that they need to find another way to make money. A lot of police in mexico are involved in…

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