Latin America Essays

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What is the current state of Latin American international relations, particularly relations with the United States? What is unique or “new” about the present situation? How much have we seen before? Make sure to discuss both economic and geo-political/security dimensions, and make reference to at least two historical periods, whether identified by particular doctrines, presidencies, or regimes of international relations.

Current state of Latin Ameican international relations with the US— * Emerging independence from US—US is no longer the immediate partner of choice. Regional resentment of US perceived self-serving exercises of power * Economics: * Increased intra-regional economic integration—ALBA, UNOSUR *
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Focusing on a particular country we have studied, what are the principal obstacles to more satisfactory democratization? How might these be overcome? Be sure to define terms like democracy and democratization, and what standard you are using to judge countries.

Were political movements of Peronist populism in Argentina dominant party authoritarianism as practiced by Mexico’s 20th Century Party of the Institutional Revolution (PRI) obstacles to democratization? Or, rather, were these just a different means of organizing and representing the interests of traditionally excluded social groups? Be sure to define your terms and discuss the evidence in relation to both the concrete cases mentioned.

Discuss at least three different strategies used by the

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