Latin America And The United States Essay

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Latin American countries started out with an abundance of people, land and riches far exceeding that of the Anglo-Americans. It is hard to imagine what could cause Latin American countries that were once so powerful to become tormented by outside domination, stagnant economies and an abundance of foreign debt while their once frail cousin country, the United States built a stable democracy, expanded in territory and fought off foreign rule while swelling in population. However, the answer is very simple; First, present-day inequality between Latin America and the United States is due in large to differences between political systems. Whereas the Anglo-Americans came from a system that allowed them to form a healthy and prosperous democracy the Latin Americans were not able to break free of Spain 's old political system filled with Catholic tyranny and create a more prosperous political system. Second, and most importantly is the Anglo conquest of Spanish-speaking America that consisted of annexing Spanish speaking borderlands such as Florida, Texas, and California, which were originally Mexican territory among annexing many other countries during the 1800’s. Anglo-Americans ruthless incursions of Latin American territory caused Latin American countries to lose an abundance of resources such as cotton, gold, and silver while also making Latin America countries a target for long-term Anglo exploitation and steady sources of cheap labor for United States corporations (Gonzalez,…

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