Lasting Effect Of Hitler And Nazi On Germany Essay

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Lasting effect of Hitler and Nazi’s on Germany Hitler and his Nazi soldiers terrified the citizens that of Berlin, Germany, and the towns around it. They wanted to rid the world of the Jewish people. It was a scary time to be a Jew, or to be alive in Germany. I have done plenty of research in the library, on Amazon Books and YouTube; and using internet sources to learn plenty of information about this subject. The effect Hitler’s Nazi regime made on Germany has been everlasting. It will forever haunt the people of Germany. In my opinion, and based on what I have read it has left a rather more devastating impact on the people of Berlin and the people that live in close by towns. They live in what could have easily been concentration camps where the Jewish people were relocated while they were imprisoned by Nazi soldiers that followed the orders of their leader, Mr. Adolf Hitler. In these camps, they were tortured, killed, put to work, and was basically treated like slaves. Some of them were lucky enough to escape, but the ones that weren’t were recaptured by their Nazi imprisoners and brought back to the camps and killed. The Jewish people in the camp were starved and barely got to eat or drink water, they were also killed in many ways. One of the most famous executions was gathering a group into a “shower” which was really a gas chamber, they then had a poison dropped from above and killed by the gas fumes. People that had accepted the Nazi regime had nothing to fear…

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