A Classic Exclamation Of Tim The Tool Man

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“Arr! Arr! Arr!” is a classic exclamation of Tim the “Tool Man” Taylor, played by Tim Allen, whenever he talks about a fundamental aspect of a man’s nature on the sitcom, Home Improvement. Such outbursts are common in the 90’s show as it represents the call of the “manliest of the manly men,” who Tim is attempting to relate to through his faux television show, Tool Time. The target audience of Tim’s vlog of the 2010s show, Last Man Standing, is the men who are on the verge of losing the title of “man” because of their lazy and woman-like nature. Both sitcoms feature Tim Allen as the star and revolve around his “manly” life at home as a father and at work as a video sensation. The shows are very similar in their execution as they focus on …show more content…
The disputes that the Taylor family has are less controversial and are taken care of within their home with the beliefs of any 90’s family at the basis of their discussion. The Baxter family on the other hand also has normal issues but references the beliefs of a political party as a basis for their own personal beliefs which differ from the beliefs of the rest of the family. Whenever there is a family dispute on either of the shows, the family always comes back together and ends the show with a greater understanding of each other. This communicates that even though people identify with political rather than familial values nowadays, the family can still be the strong foundation upon which a person builds their entire life, even if their fundamental values differ from that of the other members of the family (Macey et al. 30). The overall message that rings through my head while watching the final scene of an episode when everyone settles their differences and just loves each other because they are family is, “it’s more important to be a loving family than a diehard Democrat or Republican.” This mentality is not only great for the Baxter family’s relationship, but also for the show’s viewers as it tries to make people realize that they can live and get along with others who have different political views. John F. Kennedy once said, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer” (qtd. in BrainyQuote). This quote explains exactly what the Baxter family does as they compromise to find a solution that works for everybody. Last Man Standing tackles the hard problems of living in a political world and is a good example for its viewers to follow. Conservative people are especially interested in the show and agree with Tim on a lot of the issues at

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