Laseting Friendship Essay

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A relationship and a friend is chosen by the connection they possess. The two characters a white man and a black man had become attached to each other in a racist society. The relationship which is the cause of a new friend being chosen as a person who knows likes, and trust is not judge as something planned, netherless as miracle that was meant to be. The move Adventures o Hucleberry Finn by Mark Twain, but his real name was Samuel Clemens, published 1884, has an example of how an unexpected Relationship began with two totally opposite people. As time passes,he wonders how society is going to act twards them. This is when conflict takes place and its course teaches individuals of different race,ages and how frendship, love and …show more content…
Jim treated huck as if there were no diffrences in the world and that world just made up of one color yellow.

Jim runs to Jackson Island and breaks free. He finds out he's going to be sold because he's worth $800 and will be sent to the south. So his only choices was to leave where he was sort of comfortable and when Jim breakes away from his father because of the way he treats him as his son and as a young boy who wisley to learn. "I used to be scared at him all the time, he taught me so much."(chapter 5 Pap starts in on a new life.(page 27) His father was a perso with tangled dirty, greasy, no color on the face,pale and white. They both had been running for what they wanted; to be free. Jackson Island was wwhere their lives started."It was getting gray daylight now. Pretty soon he gapped and streched himself and hove the blanket,and it was Miss Watson Jim! I bet I was I was glad to see him!(chapter 8 I spar Miss Watson Jim) (page 48-49) This was nov. a new time period in their lives they were now a whole that had to survive and help each other in their time time together. They were both each others companionnd now had to associate with each other to make their time together the best for the both of them.

Huck and Jim known as a team. They both have eah others back and Huck he looks up to Jim. This being very odd in a white persones persperctive but that is the way things

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