Lars And The Real Girl Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… 20 . Lars wears layers of clothing because he sys when people hug him it burns. Lars hates the feeling of naked skin and therefore if he wears layers of clothing it will not burn and it blocks the interaction between Lars and other people that he comes into contact with. The proposition that applies is proposition 16 which is defence of self.

21 . This teaching us about touching clients that we should not do it as firstly it is not professional and also you also don’t know the persons personal space and how much touching they like or maybe they don’t like to be touched at all like for
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Propositions that apple are proposition 11 a and b and proposition 2 human perspectives and proposition 6 emotions and proposition 16 defence of self and lastly proposition 1 human experiences at a conscious and unconscious level.

27 Lars is so fearful about childbirth because his mother died at child birth when he was born he is scared and fears the same thing would happy to his sister in law Karen.

28 . Gus feels like its his fault because he feels selfish for running away and letting Lars deal with a heart broken father and he feels that it is fault because he is the older brother and he invited Lars to live in is garage like a dog and not letting him in his own home like an older bother should.

29 . My attitude towards Lars has changed as I feel great

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