Languages Are Going Extinct Essay

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Languages are going extinct. According to the Huffington Post language is dying out faster than any other language. At a rate of one tongue every two weeks. That is faster than animal species are dying out (Underwood). People might say that is good that the smaller languages are dying out because no really spoke them anyway. The thing is that, it is really not good. Language gives us insight into the minds of the people who spoke it and tells us more about the past. As language gets more unified, people will get more unified. When people get more unified thoughts and ideas become unified. Being unified came be a good thing, but not when it takes away from creativity. That is why we need to preserve languages.
The origin of language is still unknown, but like most things that are unknown there are theories about how it did start. One theory about language is that it was evolutionary. Primitive humans needed a way to survive and thrive. What they did is the assigned meaning to sounds and that allowed them to communicate danger, where food was, things like that. Thus language was born ( What we do know about language is that it was developed around between 30,000 and 100,000 years ago.
Another interesting theory is that we learned language through imitating things in real life. Like we primitive humans saw a wolf they might have gotten down on hands and knees and howled to try and communicate that there is a…

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