Language Should Be Defined As Any Means Of Communication Essay example

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Language should be defined as any means of communication, whether it be through sounds or gestures, that is understood by humans who have a knowledge of that specific language. While people have various interpretations of what languages are defined as, its main purpose is to communicate. Language allows for people to be creative in conveying their feelings and inner-most thoughts, thus there has been a huge change in the way people speak and write. It is often said that most of what is spoken today in English is completely incorrect, going by the standards that were used many years ago. English is constantly enriched with new words and expressions through various means, and it evolves differently in the many places that it is spoken. The technologies that are most commonly used in an area can help add words to languages. Languages also evolve through the influence of other cultures and languages, since other cultures and languages have words that don’t have a direct translation into English. This allows for the words without direct translations to be fully adopted by the English language. As long as the changes in the English language are understood by most and effectively communicate the speaker’s message, these new words, expressions, and idioms are positive changes in the evolution of the English language.

The main reason that the English language has changed throughout history is to keep up with the new needs of the society during a given time. Technology and…

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