Language Samples Of Children Are Helpful Essay

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INTRODUCTION Language samples of children are helpful to see what stage they are at in their language development. By looking at different aspects of their normal speech you can get a pretty clear picture of where the child is at. The language sample that I am going to be talking about is on a little girl names Olivia. She is four years old and is talking to her Aunt. They are playing with some of her toys in a good environment. I feel that this is a good language sample because it is in an environment she is used too with someone she knows.
Semantics is the study of word meaning. For her age she is one track with her word order. She successfully demonstrates that she is able to place words in Agent + Action, Action + Object, and Agent + Object. You can see all three are used here in this sentence, “we just take him out of there.” Here you see Olivia use agent + Action with the words we and take, then you see the use of Action + Object with the words we ,take and him, then int he same sentence she demonstrates Agent + Object with the words we and him. Olivia is also advanced for her age when she demonstrates the use of a time word. “I had the carriage before I got this, cause Santa gave me this.” In this sentence Olivia shows that she understands the past by using the words before. This is advanced for her age.
Morphology is the study of how words are organized. Olivia demonstrates that she can properly organize words in a sentence. She shows…

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