Language, Religion And Customs Of The United Kingdom Essay

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A person’s ethnicity is often defined by their belonging in a social group that share the same cultural traditions, e.g. language, religion and customs that are passed down through time, from one generation to the next. Ethnic groups can span both a broad and narrow aggregation, an example would be that, people living in the United Kingdom are coined as British, however, they can also be more accurately presented as Scottish, Welsh, Irish or English. This is not to be mistaken for race, the number of ethnicities that obtain, far exceed that of race. This is due to the fact that physical features define race, as these variables are passed down through genetics rather than tradition. (Staff, 2012)

In contemporary productions the embodiment of ethnicity is profoundly precarious, as producers and large companies are invariably threatened by lawsuits, on the grounds that the populace no longer condone any sort of political incorrectness, this is a development induced by technology consociating humanity. This has actualized mutual respect between people of all races and ethnicities, in present-day animations this has led to a decrease in racial and ethnic stereotyping, thusly ethnic characterization in current productions is not at all obnoxious and inciting xenophobia through media, although sometimes a clear fabrication of a concept may conceivably consign to apparent stereotyping.
Walt Disney’s recent feature length animation, ‘Big Hero 6’(2014), is a super hero movie set in…

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