Language Of Prejudice By Gordon Allport Essay

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“Without words we should scarcely be able to form categories at all” (324). If we weren’t able to speak then people wouldn’t be labeled or subjected to a category. In Gordon Allport 's “Language of Prejudice”, he states that labels subjects a person to one aspect of their appearance. A person shouldn’t be looked at as being in a group but as an individual, everyone is different. Once a individual is given a label, that’s what overlooks every other feature an individual may have. When we look at someone, we try and pinpoint either one flaw about them or something to make us attracted to a person. For example, men. When a girl is looking for someone to get with they don’t look for the personality. Girls look for the physical body attraction. The main question is is he cute or ugly. Moreover, men and women are stereotyped and looked at as a group not an individual. Every girl is looked at as being a girly girl, always trying to look nice, taking a long time to get ready, mean, loves shopping and spending money, etc. Although some of these things are true, some are not for some girls. Men are looked at as jerks, love workout, play sports, having strength or looked at as having control over things. Like the girl, some of these are true for men and some are not. Every man and woman is different and has their own personality, they shouldn’t be judged on what society says. Usually what stands out in a person is a disability. That’s what people search for, the wrong in others to…

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