Language, Language And Language Essay

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Language can take many forms and play a variety of roles within a human life. It can be heard through speech and song or, become a visual experience through gestures, such as sign language, and body language. Language can be diverse, referring to the variety of Englishes spoken across the world, for example, Aboriginal English and Standard Australian English; or standard, taking the form of specialised academic language, such as mathematical language learnt through education. Gee and Hayes (2011, p.6) defines language as the multifaceted approach in which humans use to communicate with others. The contextual nature of language creates diversity among the environments in which language is used. Therefore, as children develop throughout their lives, they will experience and use language in a variety of ways. Children will use language to make meaning of the world, develop emotional self-regulation, communicate within varying contextual situations, and express personal identity.
Language is a resource used to make meaning
Language serves many functions throughout children’s lives. One important function is making meaning of the world. Language is how children gain knowledge and meaning which is important for human existence (Gee & Hayes, 2011). From a young age, children make meaning of their thoughts and the world around them through the language they hear and see. The purpose of constructing meaning of their world becomes the motivation for children to learn language…

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