Language, Language And Culture And Tradition Essay

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Language is an intimate human characteristic in which many doors open due to the aspects of carrying the many tongues of the world. Language is recognized as the form of expression humans communicate with. It is the speech that increases the ability to find identity of one and create the personal connection. It is the bittersweet knowledge of being to exchange within one identity to another due to language. Language is an internal connection with the personality of the one. Language is intimate, thus, comprehending the personal language opens the doors to many worlds.
The Form of Expression

Expressing oneself is the most complex idea ever simply because sometimes there are no words or the rules of grammar do not fit the style. Art, the moment words are able to mean one thing over the other where syntax comes in play and only those who want to learn and appreciate what it means enter the world of those who built it. Other than the art of those who build it, comes the intimate language of culture and tradition. It is slang and the playfulness of words to speak to a certain someone. Language can be transformed into a form of art which can influence many and create a valuable connection for years to come. Music is a form of art: playing with the syntax, the grammar, and the use of words. A widely recognized rapper, Tupac, who perfectly structured his music to give a message created the song “Me Against the World.” In this song, the lyrics deliver the message of…

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