Language Issues Beyond Simple Grammar Essay

758 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
I love that this reading addressed one of the things that came up in another discussion board previously: the fact that we hold students to a grammatical standard without simultaneously teaching what that means. The text says, “Language issues beyond simple ‘grammar’ correction are not addressed extensively even when the assessment of student texts is based at least partly on students’ proficiency in the privileged variety of English… [students are] being held accountable for what is not being taught” (p. 640). This applied heavily to our own ENG 101, ENG 102, or ENG 105 classes where students aren’t required to look at any teaching on grammar (It’s optional, but does making that available absolve us from teaching it?), but they are held to a linguistic standard in their classwork. Essentially, we are grading students on something we assume they knew when they walked “in the door” of our classrooms. We expect them to be at a certain level or they cannot do well in college, and this creates an additional struggle for the student who came from a school that didn’t teach grammar or for a student who comes from a multilingual background. When we grade students for what they already knew before the class started, it perpetuates the standard where the students who get the best grades are the ones who can perform based on their past life experiences – they do well because they came into the class at a high level, already knowing much of the material. Is this a good model for…

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