Language Is The Form Of Communication System Essay

856 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Language is the form of communication system used to express one’s thoughts, ideas and feelings. This can be done through the descriptive vocabulary and grammar among the population. Nearly all the species are capable to transmit information through some sort of pathways, but only people can transmit information through the language which is what makes us different than other species in the world. Think about the first group of people, how difficult it would have been for them to transmit information without using language. How they have gone through the tragical stone age and established the first civilization on this planet. From never having a single word to over hundreds of thousands of words in the modern age, all existed words are part of our communication system that came with certain meanings. It is not an easy task for us to retrieve who created the first language and why it had been created, but we have adopted this communication system from thousand of years ago and we get used to it. Language can be changed throughout time. For instance, the English is most popular language that has been widely used in many countries, but English had been constantly changing throughout times, the language itself had been going through three stages old English, middle English and modern English. The old English emerges from the West-Germanic language branch, it had been gradually ameliorated along with the change of times during the fifth…

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