Essay about Language Is Necessary For Effective Communication

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The use of language is necessary for effective communication. As Gee and Hayes define, language is a ‘cognitive function’ as well as a ‘set of social conventions’, and can be considered a physical entity (2011, p. 6). Humans experience many diverse situations and settings, daily, in which language is needed. In these varying circumstances, differing expectations, demands, and understandings are placed on the language that is employed. Due to these differing situations people will employ different language registers, codes, syntax, pragmatics and semantics. Contrary to the many differences between oral and written language most writers discuss, Elbow (2010) argues that, as all writing can be spoken and all speech can be written down, the differences are less defined.

All people using English will communicate differently. It is important to consider that any interactions may occur between people who speak different languages, dialects or variations of English, or even use Auslan, and this will impact upon the type of register they employ. Age, gender and cultural background will also affect how different people interact and converse (Fellows & Oakley, 2014; Emmitt et al., 2010; Coulmas, 2005). The type of language used will be dependent on those participating in the conversation, and their relationship, familiarity and the social hierarchy (Campbell & Green, 2006). The reason for communication will also influence how both spoken and written languages are engaged.


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