Language Is More Than Just A Means Of Communication Essay

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Language is more than just a means of communication. Language is a reflection of community and culture; it is an implement of power with the potential to include or exclude; it is empowering and a tool for self-expression; and it is a tool for thinking, learning and development. Language takes many different forms in written, spoken and visual capacities. Language can be heard through speech and song; it can be observed in body language, gesture, writing, Auslan, symbols and pictures; language can even be felt with the use of Braille. Similarly, language is diverse and fluid, and it evolves along with the human race. There are many variations of English that are spoken around the world, each with multiple variations of their own. Furthermore, language diverges among categories such as social class, gender and age. In Australia the three main variations of English are standard Australian English, Aboriginal English and ethno-cultural English (Emmitt, Zbaracki, Komesaroff & Pollock, 2015, p.89). Standard Australian English, or SAE, is the common language used in formal and educational settings. Fellowes and Oakley describe SAE as “the variety of English identified as the official language of Australian Society” (2014, p.40). The prestige status of ‘standard’ implies that it is the superior English, that other Englishes are merely imperfect copies. In reality, SAE is simply a version of English that happens to be spoken by the majority and those with the most social and…

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