Language Is Essential For Everyday Life Essays

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Being able to speak a language is essential for everyday life. We use language in our commutes, in our jobs, and at home. Some people are able to speak only the language of their native country, while some are able to speak multiple languages from around the world. Most of the languages are interpreted and spoken by our senses. However, there are some people in the world that are not able to speak the language for multiple reasons. In most cases, the reason is because the person was born with a disorder that inhibits them from either hearing or speaking. For example, a deaf child is not able to speak the language because they are not able to hear any sounds. This results in them being forced to learn a different kind of language that is not universally known. However, what all languages in the world have in common is that it all serves the same purpose in everybody’s life, and that is to be able to communicate with one another and socials’ with each other. To be able to speak a language takes time and patients. It is extremely important that a baby is exposed to the new language as early as possible to ensure that they are able to speak the language, comprehend the language, and be able to write the language once they become older. The parents of the child are the first teachers, they are the ones that are given the responsibility to ensure that their child knows the basic behaviors and manner that a child is supposed to have in life. For example, to say “thank you” when…

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