Essay on Language Is A Important Element Of Everyday Life

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It is evident that language can be seen and heard. It 's a necessary element of everyday life; without language, there will be no form of communication at all. It is a human creation, where words are created to mean a particular thing through visualising our image of the world by thinking then naming things. The word language can have many different definitions. It could be a rule in our minds that allow humans to speak grammatically (Clark, 1996), or it 's viewed as something physically present in material forms like audio recordings, speech, and writings (Gee & Hayes, 2011).
Language has a ‘voice ' and an ‘attitude, ' this is where language is identified as somewhat seen and heard. When language is seen it is through body languages and facial expressions which are used to show expression of feelings, joined with postures and gestures. When language is heard, it is heard through sounds, images, symbols, and audio.
For most of history oral language was used to communicate, but as times changed and technology erupted society, the primary form of communication is now through audio recordings, phones, and computers. But language goes beyond written or spoken words. The world consists of thousands of different cultures, so when it comes to diversity, language acts as a bridge to build up relationships and create tools to maintain division across differences (Lyons, 1981). The fact is that there are about 7000 languages in the world, spoken by over 7 billion people, so basically…

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