Language Barriers And Cultural Barriers Essay example

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What is diversity? Most people define diversity as being part of an underrepresented minority group such as Hispanic, African-American, Native American, etc. But diversity encompasses many other aspects such as gender, gender-identity and expression, socio-economic status and nationality. I am a first- generation American born to Nigerian immigrants. My parents came to the United States with nothing but a couple dollars and several keepsakes. I was born in the city of Staten Island, but raised in a rural part of southern Rhode Island where the closest medical facility was half an hour away. All my life I have lived in a predominately white neighborhood and also went to predominately white schools. As a young girl, I felt uncomfortable and out of place in my academic setting and in the various activities I participated in. Because of the limited diversity in my area, I have experienced, first-handed, the language barriers and cultural barriers in the health care field. Whenever my parents took me to the doctor’s office, they would have a lot of trouble communicating with the doctors because of their limited ability to speak English. I would translate Igbo, my parent’s tribal language, to English or simply speak to the doctor myself. When I got into high school, I felt that it was my time to advocate for more diversity in my community and other communities. I became a part of a student diversity group in high school and attended a student diversity leadership conference in…

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