Language And Well Performed Play By Maureen Ryan And Produced By Lesley Ferris

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Stupid F- - -ing Bird is a very interactive and well performed play, which emphasizes on the daily struggles of artists, family and other human relationships. I saw the play on March 5th, 2016 at the Roy Bowen Theater, located on the campus of the Ohio State University. The production of this performance was made possible by the courtesy of the department of theater at the Ohio State University. The play was directed by Maureen Ryan and produced by Lesley Ferris. The play’s setting was of the 21st century.
The costumes used in the performance were of modern times. Simple casual wears and other revealing sexual costumes were utilized. The costume designer Joshua Quinlan did a fabulous job in choosing the perfect costumes for the right scenes. I was really marveled and astonished when two female characters only had a bra and a panty on. I turned my head away as I was not expecting that in the play. The costume designer brought about the sense of sexuality and pride in the two female characters with their chosen costumes. The costumes of the characters really aligned with their actions displayed on stage. I was even able to tell the personalities of some characters as they walked on stage due to the kind of costumes they wore. Beauty and sexuality were really depicted in the lead female actresses roles performed on stage.
During the entire performance which lasted for about an hour and a half, the character that really captured my interest was Emma who was played by Sarah…

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